2019 HUST survey
1.  How would you rate the past 12 months supporting Hereford FC?
Why do you say that?
2.  What do you think should be club’s main priorities over next 5 years - rate 1(highest) to 4 (lowest)
Improve and develop Edgar Street
Promotion -  regain conference / football league status
Financial sustainability
To benefit the local community
Why do you say that?
3.  Which would you consider to be a successful campaign next season?
4.  Are you happy with the matchday experience?
If you said improvements what would they be?
5.  How would you rate catering kiosks inside the ground?
6.  How would you rate the public address system inside Edgar Street?
If too quiet or too loud where in the ground do you attend?
7.  Are you a current season ticket holder?
If not a season ticket holder, why is that?
8.  Would paying by instalments encourage you to buy a season ticket?
9.  Overall do you think the new season’s ticket prices are
If too high which age group do you represent?
10.  Would you buy a ‘Saturday only Season Ticket’ if it was offered?
What are your reasons for this?
11.  What do you think HFC can realistically achieve in the next 5 years?
Please tell us why you think this?
12.  What style of football would you like to see at Edgar Street?
Please tell us why you think this?
13.  If we get into National Premier how much more per match would you be prepared to pay?
14.  On match days, which catering/retail facilities do you use?
If you don't use club facilities what would encourage you to do so?
15.  Which of these do you read? (tick all that apply):
16.  The current HUST priorities are:
1. Building HUST shareholding to 50% and working with the club to ensure long term viable and sustainable financial performance.
2. Actively engaging with our members and all supporters.
3. Strengthen the relationship between the club and the communities it serves.
Do you agree with these priorities?
What other issues would you like to see addressed?
17.  What is your perception of the relationship between HFC and HUST?
Why do you say that?
18.   Are you a HUST member?
If you are  not a HUST member , why not?
19.  What would encourage you to attend HUST AGMs?
Why is that?
20.  How would you rate HUST communication to its members?
If you think could do better why is that?
21.  How do you keep abreast of HUST news? (please tick all that apply)
22.  Do you participate in any of these fundraising activities? (please tick all that apply)
23.  What fundraising events would you attend? (please tick all that apply)
What other fundraising events would you like to see?
24.  What day of the week are you more likely to attend events?
25.  If HFC ever got the chance to change its name, (and this is just a ‘straw poll’, no suggestion of such right now) what would you favour?
26.  Where do you live?
27.  What is your gender?
28.  Are you….
29.  Would you be willing to become more involved in Trust activities? (If so, please leave your
contact details)Comments/Suggestions: